Important Tips And Tricks In Photography

As a part of the best tips and tricks in photography, one should understand a few basic rules of photography and features of your camera, before you start. With practice and experimentation, you will be able to get results and pictures that you'll be proud of. Read on to get aware of some of the basic but important photography tips and tricks.

Which camera to buy?
Under given identical film and settings, a cheap camera will give the same result as an expensive camera. Spending more money on a camera will not help you get more quality in your photographs directly. There are many photography techniques and tips and tricks in photography that control the image.

Understand your camera
Before you start taking pictures, sit down and read the instruction manual given with the camera. Know what each switch or button on your camera is for and what does it do. Learn what each symbol in the viewfinder and display panel is telling you, for a camera can communicate a lot to you. Follow this as one of the important tips and tricks in photography.

Check the batteries
Another of the photography tips and tricks is to not to neglect the batteries of the camera. Many times; photographers don’t pay much attention to the batteries. Working with dead or weak batteries will only leave you frustrated. Always check the batteries and replace them at the right time. It is a good idea to keep a pare set of batteries.

Try getting closer
Generally, photographs of people are much better if taken close-up. What makes a photograph outstanding is its first impact on the viewer. So try getting closer to your subject, as pictures taken from too far away have comparatively little impact.

Choosing the speed of the film
The numbers - 100, 200, 400 – indicate as to how fast the film reacts to light. For instance, a 200 speed film reacts twice as fast as a 100. Higher-speed film is best for action shots, and for low-light, indoor settings. But remember that it can also result in weaker colors and grainier image. So go for slower film if you want better resolution for enlargements.

To Zoom or not to Zoom...
For reasons of convenience and cost, zoom lenses have mostly replaced 'prime' lenses. But many amateurs are unaware of their downsides. But if chosen carefully, zoom lenses can be both convenient and versatile. Therefore, if you intend buying a zoom lens, stick to a brand like the Nikon, Canon etc.

When photographing people
People, without doubt, make the best photographs of all the various subjects. A good photograph of a person can shows character, emotion and makes a connection with the viewer immediately. Some tips and tricks in photography here include the placement of the subject. Avoid shooting a person's whole body, head to toe, unless it is absolutely necessary. Use a long lens like the 135mm. Relax your subjects, engage them in a conversation or better make them laugh.

To conclude, following the above important tips and tricks in photography will give you a good start in this medium. Always think how your photographs will look when you show them to your friends and relatives and what impact will they have.


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