Digital Slideshow Software

There are many alternatives if you're in the market for some digital slideshow software. The best programs allow you to edit your pictures, add background music and apply transition effects, narrations and the Ken Burns effects (the pan and zoom effect you often see in historical documentaries). Most programs allow you to burn the slideshow to a DVD or create an executable file out of it, so that viewers won't have to have any specific program to view the slideshow. 

For example, PhotodexProShow Gold is one of the most popular slideshow programs on the market. It allows you to do all above-mentioned and in response to feedback regarding the complexity of their program, Photodex has made the latest version very user-friendly. They even included an auto-create feature, which allows you to create a complete slideshow without any effort. This auto-create feature is apparently a growing trend in the slideshow software industry, as many others are implementing the feature into their programs. There are even a few free web applications that provide a nice auto-create slideshow feature, Magisto and Animoto to name two. In PhotodexProShow Gold, however, tweaking an auto-created slideshow in various ways is possible, making it a very flexible tool. Beside these programs, there are of course numerous alternative slideshow programs. The large software companies, like Microsoft, Corel, Adobe and Apple, all have their own slideshow programs, all with roughly the same features. And if that's not enough, there are many more to choose from!


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