Digital Photography

The recent Digital cameras have become popular consumer products. With the advancing technology, new features along with the ease of using, these cameras have taken photography to new realms - digital photography. On this page, you will learn about digital photography techniques and their popularity today.

Outselling film cameras, Kodak, Nikon and Canon, make use of this advanced technology and are the main suppliers of digital cameras with new camera designs. Digital photography makes use of digital technology to develop images of subjects. Earlier photography techniques involved photographic film to develop images. In contrast, digital photography techniques involve displaying, printing and storing of images without chemical processing. The ease of manipulating and transmitting these images digital and computer techniques is what draws, both experts and amateurs towards digital photography.

A digital photography review shows that a majority of professional photographers capture their images with digital cameras. The quality of image quality and the other advantages of digital photography techniques is what is making these cameras very popular. Adopted by many amateurs, digital photographers take full advantage of this means of photography. They are able to send images by email, place them on the World Wide Web, or display them in digital picture frames, with complete ease.

But according to a survey made in 2007 by Kodak, most of the professional photographers continue to use film and old photography techniques. Though some have embraced digital photography, most of them still prefer to use film. They feel the film is much superior for capturing more information on medium and large format films. Capturing shadow and highlighting details is superior in traditional photography.

Digital photography has also given rise to many ethical issues. Because of the ease of manipulating digital photographs, today's technology has made picture editing a child’s play even for the novice photographer. It has become very critical to confirm against tampering of digital photos for forensics use. Many photojournalists today have declared they will not crop their pictures, or are combine elements of multiple photos to make "illustrations," and pass them as real photographs. Nevertheless, the ease and convenience of digital photography continues to make it popular.


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